~ Social Hour  – 100 hr~

Engaging company for coffee, breakfast, lunch, happy hour, drinks or dinner.
* Please provide tribute discreetly, without discussion at the beginning of  our visit. *

~ Dinner & Dessert – 4 Hours  700 ~

Date for dinner or social event – you cover all expenses of course.
We end our rendezvous at my place with a sultry and sumptuous “dessert”

~ Overnight Adventure – 12 Hours  1200 / 15 Hours  1500 ~

Spend some un-rushed time to enjoy each other’s company through the night.
All the amenities of home…. and maybe even more ;) Breakfast included.

~ 24 Hour Play Date  – 2400 ~

Spend an entire day and night together!  The pleasurable possibilities are endless!

~ Courtesan Weekend – 48 Hours  4000 ~

Stay in town or travel and explore.
Your weekend will definitely be filled with sensuality, adventure, fun, passion and delight.

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